Construction & Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

A well maintained pond means happy fish, beautiful plants, and endless enjoyment for you and your family! To help with your pond maintenance needs, WaterScape Designs offers a variety of seasonal pond maintenance options.

Leave the pond maintenance to us

Whether you need a little reassurance that everything is looking good and working properly, going on vacation or just want to come home to a beautifully maintained pond, we offer services to fit your needs. While performing general pond maintenance, we’ll keep an eye out for current issues with your water feature and diagnose any future concerns before they become a problem.

Spring Pond Cleaning!

We love this time of year when everything starts to wake up after the long dormant winter.

Ponds with KoiSpring pond maintenance is a necessity as your pond slowly awakens from its winter hibernation. It’s a much-needed service after a long, cold midwestern winter. A spring cleaning will ensure your ecosystem pond is healthy and looks great for the warm summer months ahead.

To ensure you have a stress-free experience with your water garden this year, in most cases we highly recommend a full cleanout. This initial investment helps balance your pond water, allowing you to enjoy a low-maintenance water gardening season.

A well-maintained problem-free pond or water feature is the goal of every owner. Doing proper maintenance is the key to truly enjoying everything that your water feature can be. We help you get ready for the season by doing a complete or partial spring cleanout. We not only clean your pond or water feature, we install your pump, check your lighting, and treat your pond water to make sure everything is safe for your fish and plants.

Request Your Spring Cleanout

It’s inevitable, winter is coming.

Prepare your pond and minimize the maintenance you’ll need to do in the late fall and early spring.

Fall Pond MaintenanceWhen the leaves start to fall, we can add netting to your pond to help prevent leaves from entering the pond and clogging your skimmer and pump. This will also help protect from predators and make clean-up much easier.

We will also ensure everything is shut down properly, protecting your equipment and fish. We can net your pond, cut back marginal aquatic plants and lilies, pull the pump. Blow out the water lines and/or install your winter de-icer, bubbler or aerator. Remember we sell all of these items in our retail store.

Enjoy Your Paradise with WaterScape Designs Maintenance Packages!

Custom Ponds and Fountains by Waterscape DesignsEnjoy a worry-free water feature. The WaterScape Designs professionals are ready to come out and ensure your feature remains beautiful. We treat your pond just as we would our very own, and we are always willing to answer any questions and solve any problems you encounter.

A worry-free, care-free, and stress-free pond is the dream of every water feature owner. Here at WaterScape Designs, we understand the commitment, time and energy it takes to maintain a gorgeous and healthy water feature. We want to take that burden away and give you a guaranteed fresh, clean, and relaxing pond, waterfall, or fountain.

Whether you’d like us to visit once a week, bi-monthly or monthly we’ll accommodate your needs. We customize maintenance packages based on your specific needs and budget.

Celebrating a special occasion? Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday etc.

You’ve got plenty of other things to worry about, so leave the pond preparation to us. We’ll make sure the pond looks fantastic before your guests arrive.