“Thank you so much for the wonderful waterfall.  It is incredibly beautiful.” – Bob & Irene

“Thank you for the excellent services all year ‘round” – Pam

“Terry & I would like to thank you again for all your help and taking so much time in trying to help us figure out our water problem.”   Blessings, Terry & Lynn

“You have made water into magic and fountains into modern dances.  WaterScape Designs has enhanced the county forever!” – Mark & Ellen

“Thank you so much for taking time to help us pick out our pond plants. Made me forget all about the water lettuce & hyacinth.” – Cheryl

“Thank you so much for working so hard to clean out our Koi pond. It looks so beautiful – we absolutely love it!” 

“Thanks much for getting my new pump so quickly. I appreciate it & so do the fish.  See you in the spring.”  – Dave

“I would like to thank you for providing many moments of wonderment with the waterfall/koi pond you created for me. My grandkids will retain memories of their “named” fish, catching the frogs that migrated there and the joy of dangling toes from the big rock! Wishing you the best.” – Kathy

“Thanks so much for getting back to us so fast, it is so appreciated & just one of the reasons we recommend WaterScape Designs to everybody who asks who did the pond!” – Kathy & David

“Being family owned & operated you were able to provide a level of service & attention to detail that was most appreciated.” – Scot   

“I love the natural granite boulders of the waterfall and the way the water falls gently to the “pondless” reservoir magically reappearing at the top in the bio-falls.” – Mary and Dennis

“The waterfall looks so natural – as if it is flowing from a hill in the woods. We love the natural stone surrounding the pond & waterfall.”  –Jack and Diane

“We spend our evenings on the porch listening to the relaxing sound of water trickling over the rocks & are often mesmerized just watching the water journey through the winding rock bed.” – Laura

“Thank you so much for all of your help with our “Ponds for Kids” program. Without your help, the school wouldn’t have such a wonderful outdoor classroom.” – Trish

“We will always be in complete awe of your ability to envision the finished product when all we could see was dirt!”

“Mr. & Mrs. Pondmaster, Thank you for the new lights in our pond.  We are enjoying them so much we don’t even want to go to bed.  We may not ever sleep again!”  – Trudy